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"Such good value for money and so tasty. Excellent amount of toppings and great quality sides"

Max Philips
Good deals, nice deep dish pizza's with my favourite being the South of the Border.
John Mcgrath

The prices are fine. The pizza tastes extremely good. The service is good. We normally get takeaway. The shop is located at a convenient place. We are regular customers of this place.

Talha Ahsan

Delicious pizza 🍕 store. Staffs were friendly and welcoming. They accepted my request for extra green chilles. And the pizza is done in 10 minutes. Excellent.


Probably the best pizzas i have ever had. I have tries dominos, pizza hut, papa john etc but this shop makes the best pizzas ever. Since childhood this is the shop i have been going to for pizzas. Never been disappointed.

Andrew Robinson

Firstly some lovely man took my last minute order just before closing, it was delivered within 10 min and pizza was sooo good! As a customer I am really happy.

Sunny Singh